Rush Casting Notice!!!
Project Type: Short Film
Union: No
Genre: Drama
Budget: Low
Production Company: SuperPOWer Pictures Director/Writer: Hamid Floyd
Project Date: 6/27/21 Time: TBT
Total Shooting Days: 1
Contact :

Synopsis: A man walks the streets with a big smile in a post pandemic world. He stops for coffee, sees a friend and greets a neighbor , all with a smile. Once he enters his apartment and he is alone , he removes his smile like a mask to reveal an emotionless expression underneath. Sitting next to him we see a picture of his late grandmother who died from complications of Covid-19.
Shooting Location : Philly Area (Most likely Northern Liberties & Fairmount)

Character Breakdowns

Marcus | African Amercian Male | 20s-30s | LEAD $50/Day | 1 Day Shoot
A young artist from the lower income side of Philly. Doesnt have much family , but the ones he does have, he keeps close . Recently he lost his grandmother to Covid-19 . With the pandemic happening on a global scale he feels as if the world has forgotten about his beloved grandmother .With everyone wanting to get back to “normal”, he deals with grief and struggles with hiding his emotions on a daily basis. He doesn’t open up much about it and he lives alone which leaves him to his thoughts. Must be able to hold expressions for long periods.

Ms. Wanda | Female |40s-50s | $25/Day | 1 Day Shoot
She is a warm hearted woman that has raised children and grandchildren . Now a widow , she lives alone tending to her small porch plants and always makes sure to say hi to her neighbors, especially Marcus. She recently heard about the lost of his grandma.

Travis | Male | 20s-30s | $25/Day | 1 Day Shoot
A old friend of Marcus’s from college. He lives in Jersey now but commutes to Philly for work. He hasn’t seen Marcus in person in years but follows him on social media. It’s there that he found out about his grandma.