Logline: A teenage girl is separated from her friends in an old abandoned house.

Ash (Lead) 18-25, Independent and courageous female lead. Travels through the abandoned house to find her friends.
Maddie (Lead) 18-25, Close friend of Ash, she a caring and supportive friend with a bad habit of wandering off on her own.

Heather (Support) 18-25, friend of Ash and Maddie, scaredy cat and a little self centered. (2-3 pages dialogue max)
DJ (Support) 18-25, friend of Ash and Maddie, boyfriend of Heather. Brave and loyal, always willing to help (2-3 pages dialogue max)

Woman (Minor) 35+, finds Ash on the side of the road and helps her.
Husband (Minor) 35+, married to women in car, agrees to help Ash.

Auditions will be held at the Temple University Student Center (1737 N Park Ave) in Room 200A from 2-6pm this Saturday the 23rd and Room 217A from 12-4pm on Sunday the 24th! Video submissions are also permitted!