Looking to build a small team of reliable & available action actors and actresses for an upcoming shoot for a short action film that’s currently in pre-production. There are no particular roles to fill at this time, but there are roles that will need to be determined for an antagonist, costar female actress, goons/henchmen, and security guards/policemen.

If interested, we just ask that you have experience with fight choreography, or that you’re at least ready and willing for somewhat vigorous training and rehearsals for scenes and action set pieces, similar to what you’d see in modern martial arts films or hand to hand combat scenes. You will be required to do light stuntwork (rolling, falling onto your back if knocked down during a sequence, etc.). If interested, contact with an attached headshot, resume(If applicable) and description (height, age, experience w/ fight choreo/athleticism, and reels). If we are interested, we will contact you back. Thank you.