The 48 Hour Film Project is returning to Philadelphia, and we are seeking a new City Producer for 2021!

Do you want to be in charge of running one of the coolest, most exciting filmmaking events in  your city ?

Want to be seen as a leader in the local film community?

Put your own stamp on the screenings, networking events, workshops, and extraordinary experiences that make up the 48 Hour Film Project?

This is the life of a 48HFP Producer.

If this is the kind of fast paced, cool life in film that you’ve always wanted, then we invite you to apply now .

This is YOUR chance to be a real mover and shaker in the film community by becoming a key component of one of the largest and most respected network of filmmakers and producers around the world.

What you’ll do

This position is not for everyone.

It involves work – hard work.

And a lot of it.

So if you’re looking for an easy gig where you can make some extra cash without really thinking too hard, then this is NOT for you.

The work of a 48HFP producer is very self-directed. We’ll provide you with the systems, training, and support you need. We will be there with you every step of the way, but ultimately it’s your hard work that will make the competition a success.

The producer must wear many hats. Here are just a few of the duties and expectations:
•planning and running all local competition events including Kickoff & Dropoff, Premiere and “Best Of” screenings, and industry networking events
•outreach to individual filmmakers, film groups, professional organizations, arts groups, etc.
•communication with participating filmmakers and adherence to all 48HFP rules, regulations, and standards
•quick and regular communication with 48HFP HQ via email, Skype, phone, conference calls, and regular meetings
•securing local sponsorship
•maintaining financial / budgetary guidelines for all events
•regular and concise use of 48HFP email lists, social media accounts, etc.

What you’ll get

As a 48HFP producer you’ll do a lot of tough, intense, and often “thankless” work.

But it will be one of the most thrilling and rewarding experiences of your life.

This is not a full time job, and you will not be an employee of the 48HFP.

The producer position has flexible hours that can supplement your existing employment or freelance work.

Being a 48HFP producer is like running your own business – you’ll need to work hard to make money.

But we’ll be there with you every step of the way.

We’ll provide you with the tools you’ll need: access to our producer Dashboard, training materials, access to the email list and social media accounts, and all of the information from competitions in previous years.

We’ll host virtual training events throughout the tour season, where you’ll learn things like best practices for running a 48HFP, how to reach out to filmmakers, getting good press, creating local sponsorships, and how to dominate on social media.

And we’ll also provide you with one-on-one support – a liaison from our 48HFP Headquarters staff that will work with you throughout your competition on everything from securing the theater, marketing and outreach, running events, and even wrapping up.

In addition to the training and support, the 48HFP is happy to offer the following benefits to our producers:
•revenue share of income from all screenings
•revenue share of local cash sponsorships
•bonuses based on performance
•free pass to  Filmapalooza
•film festival, communications / PR, social media / marketing, and other industry-related training opportunities

It is a great way to meet filmmakers in your city and to make a name for yourself.

Please Note: City Producers are not eligible to participate in the 48 Hour Film Project.

What we’re looking for

Someone who is not afraid to work.

An excellent communicator.

A leader whose personal goals and work ethic align with the goals of the 48HFP.

A successful candidate will also have the following qualities:
•experience in the independent film / media industry is a plus but not required – extra points if you’ve been a past participant of the 48HFP!
•an existing network of personal and professional contacts with groups, businesses, and individuals in the film, media, and arts communities
•previous festival and / or event planning experience
•creativity and problem-solving skills
•comfortable with technology (email, social media, Skype, Dropbox, Word software, etc.- experience in film & photo editing is a plus)
•the willingness to put in the time and effort to make the 48HFP a great event for local filmmakers

Sound like you?

If you’re interested, or know someone who is, please fill out our online application . Be sure to upload a resume and a cover email on the application page.

We are only able to answer applicants’ questions about this position, so please do not email questions until you have filled out the  online application .