After Mara’s fiancée dies in a car accident, she struggles with crippling insomnia. Her swing dancing career starts to fall apart until her instructor, Kathy, comes up with a brilliant solution, a new sleeping pill called Sandman, to help Mara calm herself. However, the plan falls apart when Mara’s dreams become too realistic and her dependence on the pills becomes all too dangerous. Now Mara must make a choice on which reality she would prefer to live in and what she’s willing to do to stay there.

Character Bios:
Mara, Female, late 20s to early 30s: Mara has become an insomniac ever since losing her Fiancée, Nue, in a car accident. She use to be one of the top dancers until this illness arose. Now she longs to find something to normalize her shaken world.
Nue, Female, late 20s early 30s: Nue use to be the perfect dancer. The only person who rivaled her was her dance and life partner, Mara. After dying in a car accident, the memory of her haunts Mara every night.
Kathy, Female, late 30s to early 40s: Kathy is a headstrong, motivated, dance instructor and head of studio that Mara dances. She took Mara under her wing at an early age and now she’s willing to do anything to get Mara back to the top of her game.