16-year old Jim is forced to spend the weekend with his grandpa by his mother. The more time they spend together, Jim begins to his grandpa than meets the eye.

Character Bios:

Grandpa, Male, late 70s, Italian: A self-made man who worked in construction after fighting in the Vietnam War. He cares deeply about his family, but can be brash in trying to get them to have fun. He is still grieving the loss of his wife.

Jim, Male, 16: An awkward but smart young man, Jim not very sure of himself and is somewhat intimidated by his grandfather’s worldly experience. However, he comes to realize that he can perhaps teach this old dog a new trick or two.

Mom, Female, early-mid 50s: A suburban mom who grew up in a rural area. Raised on the values of her father and cares deeply about her family. She tries her best to raise her son right.