Jermaine Quick is a West Philadelphia, hip hop artist, producer, videographer, film maker, and the CEO of “illadelStyles Entertainment LLC”. Jermaine’s newest project is now the recipient of the Los Angeles Motion Picture Awards. “HEARTLESS” is a film about mental illness and domestic violence seen through the eyes of a child. Forty six (46) actors from Philadelphia was given the opportunity to showcase their acting talent to the world. He wrote, directed, edit, produced, and did the sound score for all of his films. The film sold out 600 plus seats at the STUDIO MOVIE GRILL IN UPPER DARBY, PA.

“AMERICAN BULLY”, a previous film,  gave 68 actors and music artist an opportunity to be seen on the big screen, and nationally. It received The Philadelphia City Citation from Councilman Curtis Jones Jr., and received a 3 minute spotlight on Fox 29 news with Joyce Evens. “American Bully” talks about the issues of Bullying in the community from different perspectives. Currently Jermaine has three movies in circulation. The First film is a short named “Rise Like Cream” which can be viewed on Youtube. The Second one named “Concealed Habitat” was nominated in the 2011 Philly Film Festival. The third film “Change The Beat” received a distribution deal by Shami Media group in New York and can be bought all over the country in Best Buy, Target, and Amazon Prime streaming. In total, over 100 actors, and music artist were able to not only learn film making, but expand their individual careers.
Jermaine started his passion in junior high as a hip hop entertainer. After graduating high school, he had an opportunity to record his first record named “Give It Up” with a female singer “Heather Henderson” under Simon Sez recordings. In 2001, he started his own multimedia business called “illadelStyles Ent. LLC” after completing an entrepreneur course at Temple University’s “P.A.C.E.P. program”. Since then he has filmed major artist such as “Lupe Fiasco, Fat Joe, Kevin Hart, Tisha Campbell, Neyo, and Busta Rhymes just to name a few. With three albums on iTunes and other mediums, he felt he could reach more people with a positive message with visuals. Thus, leading him to work with Urban Xpressions, Mothers In Charge, and 103 The Beat radio, and Power 99 fm.
In 2001 to 2004, Jermaine also started an after-school program in North Philadelphia called “The Youth Community Outreach program under the roof of the Mars Hill Baptist Church. Dobbin’s High School students and Hartranft Elementary students learned conflict resolution, and life skills. Dobbins students received community service credits towards their graduation. The program was also recognized by the U.S. Census bureau for leading the community to register their residency. In addition, the School Board of Philadelphia gave the program a continuous $5000.00 reimbursement grant monthly to assist with materials.

This Bio only scratches the surface of a man who wears many hats. Thus, you will find a wealth of knowledge when you dig into his city roots with artist and community members.