Film Heaven is back for all the energetic and creative thinking children of today’s film industry! Save the date of October 23 – November 1, 2015!

The 32nd Chicago International Children’s Film Festival ! Over 1,000 children’s films will be tested by child audiences. It all started in 1975, when the 

Facets Multi-Media launched a development on innovative programs for children.

Roger Ebert has called Facets’ children’s programs, “One of the great movie treasures of Chicago.” This program has used its community outreach to involve 300 Chicago daycare centers, schools, hospitals and community centers. The program provided films, equipment, study guides and workshop leaders free of charge, which has molded the youth to excel in the film industry. Later in 1983, The Chicago International Children’s Film Festival was founded and has taken off every since! The fun part about children who participate in the festival is that after screenings, children are engaged in discussions with filmmakers and Festival personnel. The festival is also a gateway for young creative minds to have a chance to enroll in Film Camp, sponsored by CICFF.

Here are some of the awards that will be given at this year’s festival…   

 The Kenneth and Harle Montgomery Prize—Best Child-Produced Film

Teacher’s Choice Prize

Programmer’s Choice Award

and much, much more! 

The festival is just as much fun for adults as it is for kids! There is a media literacy workshop for educators and parents, offering specialized outreach workshops in media education for families, educators, health care and childcare specialists. These workshops show parents how to teach children to watch TV and movies “the right way”. 

There are even several way to donate to children who have the motivation to participate and explore. 

Just visit :

Grab your little film maker, and go explore!