Kevin Hackenberg is an accomplished producer, director & cinematographer who has been telling inspiring stories and making people laugh on six continents for over twenty-five years. Kevin has directed celebrities such as Neil Patrick Harris and Kevin Hart, famous athletes, media icons, and fortune 50 executives. As a director, Kevin is also known to pull out Oscar-worthy performances from everyday people. Kevin’s energy in pre-production and on film sets brings people together to tell powerful narratives and character stories.

Kevin started his career on set learning from Hollywood directors like M. Night Shamalyan and Jonathan Demme on feature films like The Sixth Sense and Beloved. In 2003, Kevin started his own production company, Get-Kinetic, in the Philadelphia and New York City markets and recently launched the 501(c)(3) Funny&Amen to create lighthearted content mixing faith and humor. Kevin believes that great visual storytelling is a team sport, and he is excited to have many talented collaborators and partner with production companies working in different genres and regions of the world. Kevin currently serves as board secretary to the International Quorum of Motion Picture Producers (IQ) and meets regularly to learn from and collaborate with motion picture producers from around the world.

When Kevin is not telling stories through motion pictures his other hobbies include watching his famous beekeeping father on documentaries and “60 Minutes” and traveling with his wife Meg, daughter Asher, and son Jake around the world.