This is listed as volunteer, but most likely you’ll completely own whatever project we produce together. I’m looking for passionate writer-directors with a good script that want to see it produced the way they envisioned without compromise. I’m a writer director and cinematographer based outside of Philadelphia, PA looking to cut my teeth as much as possible working as cinematographer on as many narrative films as I can before my feature film this year, even if it means volunteering for now.

The reason is I’ve found I do my best work and learn the most by working as cinematographer on someone else’s film. My plan is to adhere as much as possible to the director’s vision, now I’ll only sign on if I think the script is solid start to finish, if either of us aren’t absolutely proud of what we’ve done together by the end of the project, then it wasn’t a good fit.

You can view my work at my website . If you have a good script and believe that I can help bring your vision to life then consider reaching out, and we can see if it’s a good fit!

My email is