Melodyvision is looking for a Voice Over artist for a podcast documentary. The podcast is about the 1960s all-white soul group, The Magnificent Men. They had a number of hits in the early 60s. They also backed up James Brown at the Apollo Theater. The Podcast looks at race and music and culture America in the 1960s.

We are looking fo a voice like Morgan Freeman or Bill Cobbs. A voice that is authoritative but cool, a voice that is old or the sound of wisdom but has swagger.

Please record a demo of the excerpt from the script below and email it to

VO – York, Pennsylvania, nestled twelve miles north of the Mason-Dixon Line in the rolling foothills of the Piedmont, has a quirky past that fits the bill. Historians know it for its brief time as the nation’s capital in 1777 and, later, as the only northern town to surrender to the Confederacy. Consumers recognize it as the home of barbells, air conditioners, and peppermint patties. But its quirkiest claim may be that it spawned two great white soul singers, a peculiarity not lost on those who lived through a late 1960s race riot that torched York’s downtown, destroying its vitality and commerce.