Applicants, please email your headshots and resumes to the provided email address and be sure to add “RTG Productions Project” to the subject line. This will be unpaid work, but of course we know how it is on this side of the profession with unpaid work, so to compensate your talent we will be providing the essentials of meals, a copy of the project and credit and we’ll also be throwing in headshots for those selected!

Open Ethnicity
Age: 23-30
Rian, is the light-hearted, supportive, “best friend” type, who has stuck by Nita through thick and thin. With her quirks, wit and innocent charm, she is unapologetically herself. A trait that makes her very strong, whether she knows it or not.

African American
Age: 25-30
Devon is handsome and oozes charisma. He has a smooth confidence and cheesy playfulness about him that puts others at ease. All the while, these traits are just extensions of his more thoughtful, selfless and attentive core. He loves to be responsible for other people’s smiles.
(Character must be comfortable with on screen kissing)

Doctor Robinson:
Age: 50 and above
Professional, calming, orderly and has great bedside manner and intuition

Nita’s Mom:
African American
Age: 40s

Nita’s Sister 1:
African American
Age: 20-35

Nita’s Sister 2:
African American
Age: 20-35