This initially is a volunteer position, for digital effects person. This can be a very long-term position for the right person, and eventually become a paid position through success of the work.
This job is a great way to gain experience and for those serious one looking to ‘break into’ the field and showcase plain and controlled talent. Or even those running away from the dreaded social mainstream that has dominated and even destroyed some lives. We always need talent, and crews. As we grow, you can grow with us, or we can connect you more, you can use us as experience and for your portfolio. We work very professionally with small yet quality equipment.

Please mention your expertise in fx programs, you can include samples of your work, IG or social media, headshot, and one decent paragraph on “What it should mean to write (or create effects) for film and audience…”

Best of luck with this one, it’s a great opportunity to concentrate your work !!!