Adris McClaren
Gender: Male
Description: Adris is 5’7” (can be taller or shorter) with hair as black as cole, his skin is deep bronze with neutral undertones, as well as high cheekbones, and tattoos scattered throughout his body. He is not one to talk much unless he’s very close to you. He stays to himself and isn’t really into making friends, he believes that who ever comes into his life was meant to be there for a reason. He isn’t very materialistic but does hold a handful of things close to his heart. Very humble and free-thinking, Adris is not afraid to push himself to his limits. Adris is a high end bartender seeking better opportunities.

Cordelia Simmons
Age:6 (casting 8 year old to play 6 year old)
Gender : Female
Description: Cordelia Simmons or CoCo is a beautiful brown skin little girl whose hair is loced down to her shoulders and stands at 45 inches tall. Despite her mother’s very blunt and straightforward attitude, CoCo is the most free spirited and imaginative 6 year old you’d ever meet. Cordelia likes to make friends and has a great deal of independence and respect for her age. She’s smart as a whip and has taken after her mother with her “take no crap” attitude.