This is a non-union, volunteer casting call for a student film at Temple University. The film is called “The Last Few Hours”, and the story focuses on the last day of the planet Earth in the wake of an apocalyptic event. The role in consideration is for “Clarice”, the mother of the film’s main character “Annie”. Clarice is exceedingly worried about her daughter, as she lives all the way across the country and can’t reach Annie before the world ends. The Actress must portray genuine desperation and anxiety, but also affection for the main character. Anyone submitting for the role should be between 35 and 55 years of age.

Auditions will be submitted in a video form. Email to receive a copy of the script. Video auditions should be sent back to that email by Friday April 12th at the latest. Filming for Clarice’s scene will likely take place on Sunday April 14th.