CASTING & AUDITION DETAILS: Temple University Student Films!  
Temple University has hired Kathy Wickline to conduct their 2019 Student Film Casting. Talent of all calibers audition in front of Kathy and are cast by the students. We encourage all talent to participate in student film productions as it is an excellent opportunity to hone-in on your craft, build your resume, and connect with future industry-leaders and creatives.
Auditions are Invitation-ONLY and will be personally run by Kathy Wickline on Saturday, October 26th in Philadelphia PA
Please Prepare a 1-minute Monologue for the Initial Audition, or we will give you generic copy at the audition.

RATE: Union (Student Film Agreement /SAG AFTRA)
            Non-Union (some pay provided for most projects)
SHOOT LOCATION: Local to Philadelphia
SHOOT DATES: 3-5 day shoots, approx. mid Nov. 2019-mid Jan. 2020
CALLBACKS: to be held by each Temple student for their specific film

Subject line of your submission email MUST include the reference code, indicated to the left of character descriptions.
1A, Female, Age 18-28, Any Ethnicity
— Bernadette, age 20-25: Grounded, level headed and always looking out for her friends. Ready for a good time, but understands consequences well and is the voice of reason.
— Mabel, age 18-20: Young, looks innocent. There is a  cautiousness to the way she moves and speaks.
— Skyler, age 22-31: Looks around 26-28, A struggling mother, not only with being a good mother but struggling with dark urges that haunt her as a result of being exhausted and tired out.
— Mira, age 24-28: Aloof young woman struggling with recent grief and loss, comes to regret some of her impulsive actions.
— Alina, age 24-28: An overachiever. Obsessive, keeps notes about relative’s routines and treatments. Self-centered, feels like she needs to be the one to deliver on others’ shortcomings.

1B, Female, Age 18-30, Caucasian
— Grier, age 20-25: Sadistic, stubborn and hot headed, struggling to find her way. Stuck between passions and under the constant scrutiny of her own mother.
— Meg, age 18 – 25 (Must look like a Teen, legally 18+): Must look like a teenager. The confident, headstrong high school senior who is a social butterfly and the dominant partner in her loving relationship. Her desire to stand out and forge her own path defines her decisions. Must be comfortable dressing masculine and feminine.
— Cynthia Bryant, age 25-30: Glowing young woman who works as a nurse in a small town. Struggling with trying to define happiness in her long-term relationship, which is tense due to financial concerns.

1C, Female, Age 20-26, Caucasian with black hair
— Cassidy, age 20-26: Seemingly driven and prides herself on her desire to care about and help others, but consumed by a constant need to please the people around her. Black hair.
— Cassidy Doppelganger, age 20-26: Looks very similar to Cassidy (black hair). A dark, distorted vision of Cassidy’s ideal version of herself. Seemingly very kind and warm but with manipulative undertones.

2, Female, age 35-45, Caucasian
— Abigail, age 36-40: Bedridden mother. She looks younger than she actually is – her long brown hair and inviting face give us hints of a once beautiful woman who’s been beat down by the situation she finds herself in.
— Molly, age 35-45: Dark yet complex character. Levels of crazy can be found within the character’s appearance, but it masks the true sadness found within her character. A woman longing for one thing she can’t have.

3, Female, Age 30-50, Any Ethnicity
— Marion, age 45-50:Tender and loving. Heals with laughter. Surrogate mother figure to her extended family.
— Dianne, age 45-50: Living overseas, feels guilty for not being as present in family situation.
— Dotti, age 40-50: Kooky, super-sweet, and unsettling housewife. Holds high regard for her husband/family and is the true caretaker of the home. Darker side behind her motherly facade.
— Doctor, age 30+: Helpful and supportive.
— Doctor, age 30s-50s: A doctor examining Winslow who appears sympathetic but is quickly distracted.

4A, Female, Age 50-60s, Any Ethnicity
— Doreen, age 50-60: Remorseful of past and looking to make things right by telling the truth. Respectful, nervous, and soft spoken.
— Mother Hyssop, age 50s-60s: Wild, greying hair. She moves as if she is old and frail but there is a younger, lively spirit to her. Meticulously cunning and clever upon inspection.

4B, Female, Age 50-60, Caucasian
— Sloane/Nadia, age 50-60: Sloane – Couth older woman with strong connections to her faith. Introverted, judgmental, and close minded.Nadia – Convicted felon. Loud and outgoing, and sticks to what she believes in.

5, Female, age 75+, Any Ethnicity
— Dierdre, age 75+: Matriarch of her family. An influential mother to 4 children. Sickness and age has led to a deteriorating mental state. She becomes scared and confused very easily. Middling to late stages of undetermined disease with dementia-like symptoms.

6, Female, age 8-12, Any Ethnicity *MUST Provide DOB in Submission!*
— Madelyn, age 8-12: Sweet little girl who has a strong sense of innocence. She loves to play outside and enjoys the frequent company her parents have.

7A, Male, Age 20-31, Any Ethnicity
— Chris, age 22-31: Loving father who neglects what his wife needs. Thinks he knows what’s best for his family, but refuses to acknowledge his wife’s true feelings. Kind and moral, but emotionally shortsighted.
— Archie, age 20-26: Very long, dark hair. Quiet and reserved. Emotional but tries to hide it, only revealing his feelings in a frustrated outburst.

7B, Male, age 18-26, Caucasian *MUST be Legally 18+!*
— Max, age 18 – 25 (Must look like a Teen, legally 18+): Must look like a teenager. The goofy long time friend of Meg. High school senior. Hosts big Halloween parties every year.
— Jared, age 18 – 25 (Must look like a Teen, legally 18+): Must look like a teenager. Meg’s sarcastic, punk friend. High school senior.

7C, Male, age 20-35, Caucasian
— Winslow, age 20-26: Obsessive piano player who is losing the use of his hands. Arrogant and often acts like a smartass to hide insecurity and fear. Rarely leaves his house, has a somewhat unkempt appearance. Black medium length or long hair.
— Winslow Doppelganger, age 20-26: Looks very similar to Winslow (medium length or long black hair). A dark, distorted vision of Winslow’s ideal version of himself. Extremely confident and smug with a menacing undertone.
— Nathanael, age 22-26: Young man who has started a life on his own. Simple look, with longer hair that falls to around his shoulders. He is tired from travel but determined to get what he wants. Carries guilty conscience that impacts otherwise moral judgments
— Charles, age 20-24: Experienced at living in a harsh world, however he still should look young – like an older teen. Has had to grow up fast to adapt to the new world he lives in. Athletic to skinny build.
— Nathaniel Bryant, age 25-35: Very charismatic and adventurous man. Having lived in the same small town his whole life, he finds himself down on hard times and struggling to find financial stability for him and his wife.

8A, Male, age 35-45, Caucasian
— Robert, age 35-45: A heartbroken husband doing everything he can to make his wife happy, even if it goes against his morals.

8B, Male, age 38-42, Caucasian, See description for details
— Jeff, age 38-42: Father and a grizzled survivor.  His slightly unkempt, graying beard shows experiences he’s had in the world.  His eyes are kind, his face warm and inviting – his wrinkles give a feel of battered wisdom.

9A, Male, age 45-50, Any Ethnicity
— Joe, age 45-50: Outspoken, wants to be seen as the sibling who is doing the most to help his mother. Has established himself as the leader.

9B, Male, age 40-50, Caucasian
— Reginald, age 40-50: Dorky and campy suburban father. Having a very long and successful medical career, settles down with his family in a new home. Happy and fulfilled, but he has some dark secrets behind the closed doors of his home.

10, Male, age 50-60s, Any Ethnicity
— Father John, age 60s: Priest that looks out for the people of his church. Tries to guide the youth to make the right decision.
— Gas station clerk, age 50s-60s: An uneasy but kind gas station employee.
— Marble Man, age 50s: An eccentric man, he determinedly prepares for the apocalypse.
— Hugh, age 50-55: Favorite child. Dislikes the white lies that the family tells his mother to not agitate her. Quiet but passionate, speaks with authority but infrequently.

11A, Male, age 6-10, Any ethnicity, *MUST Provide DOB in Submission!*
— Eli, age 6-10: Average 2010s kid addicted to the nearest tablet. Strong relationship with his father, but has a growing uneasiness with his aloof mother.

11B, Male, age 10-14, Caucasian, *MUST Provide DOB in Submission!*
— Jack, age 10-14: Looks about 10 to 11, a kid who’s seen too much for his age. Small and skinny with a nervous look to his actions. His hair is short and unkempt, and his eyes innocent. He shouldn’t be living in the world that he is.

12, Non-Cisgender Talent, age 18-25, Caucasian, *MUST be Legally 18+!*
— Cory, age 18 – 25 (Must look like a Teen, legally 18+): Talent must identify as non-cisgender.  Must look like a teenager. A quiet, withdrawn high school junior in the processes of questioning their gender identity. Must be comfortable with dressing/presenting masculine and feminine.


DO NOT submit unless you fit the specs! Subject line of the email MUST include the reference code, indicated to the left of character descriptions.

Please send:
— Headshot
— Resume
— Phone number
— Union Status
— D.O.B. if you are under 18 years old
— City and State of Residence *DO NOT APPLY unless you live within 2 hours of Philadelphia
— That you would be available to audition on Saturday, October 26th in Philadelphia

You MUST include all of the necessary information, otherwise we cannot consider your submission.

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