Hello! I am a VFX (Visual Effects) Artist on the hunt for charismatic actors or models to transform into superheroes for BLACK ICE : A YouTube video series.

You can DM me on INSTAGRAM @man_in_a_bubble. Write “BLACK ICE” so that I know that you are interested in participating. From there I will view your account to see if you might be a good fit. You can comment “BLACK ICE” on YouTube as an alternative and I will find you there as well.

Visit https://youtube.com/c/maninabubble to preview my work. Look for the titles “Black Ice” or “Kung Fu Theater” or “VFX Sample Reels” to see how you may possibly look with super powers attached to your performance.

If we decide to work together film shoots are one-on-one and only take one hour. Philly locations only. I can work completely around your schedule. For Covid safety, during the shoot I will wear a mask and keep 6 foot distance.

Thank you.

Peter Gaudioso