Paid photographer needed 5 photos $150. Looking for a talented and enthusiastic photographer preferably with an at home studio in the North Wilmington areas but obviously I’m happy to drive wherever needed. Just a simple white screen or green screen studio is all that’s needed.

I’m looking for 5 fully edited and commercial ready photos. Availability is only 12/20 or 12/22 and finished files need to be delivered by 9 am 12/23.

The photos are meant to replicate the commercial photos shown weekly on SNL with the guest hosts, these photos are shown for marketing but most notably are shown before and after every commercial break in the show. These photos are very clean and precise but are funny and professional. I will provide the ideas for the photos but if you are a fan of SNL and have ideas of your own I’m happy to make this a fun and collaborative job. But you need to provide strong director traits to get the photos at the highest grade This is for a last minute gift I’m putting together and understand the time constraint so please only reply if your committed to the day of shooting and the deadline for the finished polished product.

This project demands confidence and enthusiasm.