Pay of $120 for 1 hour on set. Female Age between 18 and 29. This is for a surreal ghostly side character for film. All ethnic backgrounds and body types. No experience necessary; 98% of our films are friends and family.

Filming June 15 2019 830pm-930pm
//dinner with cast at shooting location is on May 4 at 6pm.

Full nudity required but with mask over head. Provide your favorite picture of yourself. Camera will film girl erotically over her body. Walking and moving objects around room and appearing in the scene like a ghostly visage and standing in scenes bringing a dark confusing atmosphere.

All of your scenes will be shot in no longer than 1 hour.

No dialogue. Weird subject matter unlike most films. See our links below for our films. My favorite directors are Jess Franco, David Lynch, Rob Zombie, Tinto Brass, Lars Von Trier, Gasper Noe, Harmony Korine, Russ Meyer, Paul Bartel and many more.

Shooting inside a home.

Email me for script. If you like it after reading it, we will organize to meet face to face first in public area near shoot.

Been making films for 13 years and have never broken even on them; I do them out of passion. The money it takes to make them has come out of my pocket but this film has money coming from friends.
My films are

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