Buer is a horror-comedy short film about a young man who suffers from a mysterious ailment. In the hopes of being healed, he accepts his friend’s request to perform a demon-summoning ritual.

Shoot dates are March 22-24 in Philadelphia, PA.

Connor – 18-24, Male, All Ethnicities. A young man suffering from an intense itch that envelops his entire body. Constantly anxious, frantic, and losing his sense of reality as he seeks an escape from the constant physical pain he experiences. Bare torso required.

Gerard – 18-24, Male, All Ethnicities. Connor’s well intentioned, New-Agey friend who doesn’t completely understand his state of mind, but wants to help by convincing him to open his mind to an unconventional method.

Please email Kyle Crago at tug55417@temple.edu to set up an audition/video audition.