Casting for a short film to be produced in and around Philadelphia throughout the summer and into the early autumn.

This is a LOW-BUDGET production that will offer some compensation TBD.

REELS OR VIDEO AUDITIONS STRONGLY RECOMMENDED. As several parts are non-speaking roles, the ability to be expressive non-verbally is especially important.

HERO – Female (17-25) The Hero is a young and determined adventurer that seeks to pull a legendary sword from a stone in order to protect someone they love. She is stoic, humble, and quiet. STAGE COMBAT OR FIGHT CHOREOGRAPHY TRAINING A PLUS. The Hero is a non-speaking role- Think Link from the “Zelda” franchise.

ANCIENT GUARDIAN – Male (45-60) The Guardian is an ancient entity that has guarded the legendary sword in the stone for countless ages, the very vision of a stoic honorable knight charged with a most sacred duty. STAGE COMBAT OR FIGHT CHOREOGRAPHY TRAINING A PLUS. Think a more intimidating and able-bodied protector at the end of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade- noble, kind, and quite dedicated to his cause. Aesthetically, imagine the Green Knight from Arthurian lore or the Green Man from Pagan mythology.

THE KID – Any Gender (18-30) The Kid is an eerie manifestation of the playful ignorant bliss of youth. S/he wears an unsettling mask and says nothing but laughs, and dances around the dark forest hoping to find someone to play games with. DANCE OR BALLET EXPERIENCE A PLUS. The Kid is a non-speaking role. Think a creepy masked ballet dancer that wants to play catch with you. S/he moves like a character in a Tim Burton animated film and disappears and reappears behind trees in the swampy forest.

THE OLD MAN – Male, (50+) The Old Man is an eccentric sage of wisdom who resides in a cave in the ancient woods. He is mysterious and feared by many for his ways are unusual and difficult to understand- but to the righteous traveler he is a spirit guide and leads the Hero on the path to what she seeks. Think Mr. Moundshroud from The Halloween Tree, or a proper Merlin. He comes off as a little manipulative, or that he always knows something that you don’t know. He’s a bit off his rocker, a little cryptic and ominous, but ultimately harmless and hospitable in his odd way.

THE PRINCESS – Female (20-30) The Princess is a vision of grace and beauty, but moreso she is a guiding voice for the hero and the holder of the greatest wisdom of all. Think a young Galadriel, a strong woman who has it all together and seems beyond the reach of any mortal man- but her role is like that of a MacGuffin. We see her only once in dreams, though her voice delivers the driving monologue at the end of the film.

THE CART DRIVER – Male (30-60) The Cart Driver is a gentle giant- a kind soul that helps the Hero on their way in the kind of gesture that is rarely recognized, but is indispensable to the Hero’s progress. He is bumbling and nice.