The Mirror is an independent short psychological drama which will be entered into festivals upon completion.

Producers: Sean Aeon & Debby Derricks
Writer/Director: Sean Aeon
Start Date: 4/20/2019

Only submissions including a video of a monologue or scene reading will be reviewed.

Deliyah Carter’s daughter has gone missing, and due to the trauma of the event, her recollection of key details are shaky at best. Consequently, she’s been mandated to see psychologist Dr. Sinclair Taylor to unlock exactly what happened, and where her daughter is.

Role – Ardell Carter:
A 18-23 year old actor who looks like a high school student, African-American or Hispanic-American male; male identifying. 5’8 and under.
He is homeless due to a battle he is losing with controlling his mental health.
Must be able to passionately display qualities of a young man missing something he can’t identify, confusion about his situation, sorrow, frustration, while having moments of unwavering confidence in what he sees in his head. Ardell is a victim of his own mind.

Role – Dr. Sinclair Taylor:
A 45-65 year old, African-American or Hispanic-American woman; female-identifying.
Neutral American dialect.
A sharply-dressed doctor of psychology, with a friendly, yet professional demeanor; also a mother who lost her son and first husband.
Must be able to display qualities of a mother and comforter, in addition to one who knows how to cut through the density of the human mind. Dr. Taylor is passionate about her work, and truly wants to free Deliyah from the grip of her trauma and unlock the details of her daughters disappearance