Casting “Bladesman” A Martial Arts Action film Short about Two former elite assassins secretly fighting A Crime Syndicate involved in Human Trafficking,

Roles: SKYE ( Supporting) Skye is a Professional bodyguard /Martial Artist . She is protecting her friend Josie, a lawyer/activist, from the Russian Mob who are involved in Human Trafficking undocumented Immigrants. Secretly, she is also a lethal Assassin hunting the head of the Syndicate for her Enigmatic Employer. She forms an alliance with Michael, another Assassin to Target the Mob Boss.
Female 28-35. Asian/Hispanic/Native American/ Caucasian. Slim, Muscular build. Must have Martial Arts Fight Choreography back ground . A plus if familiar with Jeet Kune Do/Filipino Martial Arts, and weaponry.

JOSIE (Supporting) Josie was born and raised in North Philadelphia After putting herself through College and Law school on two scholarships and Part Time National Guard, she came back to her neighborhood to fight for the downtrodden taking on legal cases for those who can’t fight back. Very passionate . Think AOC.
Female 28-35 Puerto Rican.. Slim to average build.

MR. BLANK (Supporting) . A Lethal Martial Artist and Assassin he is now the go- between the Russian Mob and the Street gang that does the human trafficking. He comes from the same Program of Assassins as Michael and Skye and knows their tactics back to front. He is a cold hearted psychotic.

Male 30-45. Caucasian. Medium Muscular build. Solid Martial Arts/ fight choreography background and stunt work. Familiar with Knife and Gun work for film.

COMPENSATION: Stipend. Flat Rate. Negotiable. Plus Meals and Transportation cost.

Producers are pursuing a SAG/AFTA New Media Agreement.

Film will be released into local/national Film Festivals.

If interested please email Head-shot/Resume/Reel to attn: Bladesman.