I’m seeking screenwriters to help with upcoming projects. I have two original shorts and a fan film in the pipeline, and it would be nice to collaborate with like-minded creatives who can take some of the work off of me.

You must be able to take the ideas per an outline, rough draft or by the director/producer’s input and execute. Not looking for ghost writers, but credited co-writers. All the projects are short format, and will be under 50 pages.

Experienced to novices can reply, however THERE IS CURRENTLY NO PAY. But all projects will be produced. Woman and POC are encouraged to reply. For Novices or Amateurs to qualify, you must have written at least two screenplays.


• A sample of your work, a short screenplay preferably.

• Your industry resume.

• If no official resume, please list any credits, and or projects you have completed or have been involved with.

• Short bio of who you are, that includes your current contact info.

Obviously due to social distancing, you must have access to Zoom video conferencing.