This is a student film about a girl who is fed up with street harassment in the city. Shooting either February 8th-9th or February 15th-16th.
Email me if interested!

Jolene: A sharp-tongued girl in her early 20’s, often goes by the nickname “Jo”. Wants to not feel constant fear as a woman and willing to do something about it. Lead role.

Tara: Jolene’s roommate and deterrent to not get into trouble. She is resigned to put up with catcalling, but still angry about it. Supporting role.

Ella: early 20s, walking home late one night from a party. The final motivator for Jo. Supporting role.

Main Catcallers (2): Powerful and demanding. Poking fun at girls walking by themselves to assert dominance and for fun.

Catcallers: young and bored, poking fun at girls as they pass to show off to friends or to entertain themselves.