We are looking for a long term Freelance Production Accountant to calculate finances, work out the cost of a production and control company cash flow.During pre-production you would help the producers and production managers prepare budgets and estimate final cost reports. During production, you would oversee all payments, manage payroll and provide daily or weekly cost reports. You would also produce cost forecasts to evaluate the impact of any production changes. You would then prepare a statement of account showing all income and expenditure per project. You would interface with Bookkeepers, Accountants and Entertainment Lawyers. We would also be looking for a monthly rack accounting assessing profits and losses of each project.

Must have experience in using finance software: be able to use Movie Magic Budgeting or other budgeting packages
Knowledge of film production: have a thorough understanding of how videos and films are made and have a love of the industry
Communication: be able to listen to and be understood by everyone from producers, financiers, finance controllers and lawyers
Discretion: be able to maintain confidences