Comedy series filming episode(s) with THE GOLDBERGS Director needs great and experienced PRODUCER.

SIZZLE here: (This is a few years old and gives just a very small taste of the series).

Looking for someone in the Philadelphia region who is crafty, proficient, passionate, easy to work with, and very experienced.

Tentative shoot date will be around April/May 2020 in and around Philadelphia, Pa.

Please reply to:


“Professional” musician DK (or ”D”, as everyone calls him) thought he would have a shelf full of Grammy awards by now…but thanks to his winning personality, the middle-aged “never-has-been” is stuck playing weekends at his best friend’s restaurant…the only place he can get a gig at these days.

DK the gig follows D both in and out of the restaurant through an endless parade of awkward encounters and hilarious disasters that show off D’s real talent…making life difficult for everyone around him.

A cross between Curb Your Enthusiasm, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Eastbound And Down and The Office, DK the gig is not just about a musician, but a universally-relatable series about a very-rough-around-the-edges-but-somehow-still-likeable underachiever and the group of very quirky and flawed people who are all stuck in his orbit.