Alright, here we go.

I’m a local Latinx filmmaker originally based in NJ, and now temporarily based in Philly. A friend out in LA and I have been working on a short screenplay for the last year.

The short is entitled The Super Exciting Gang and it is a surrealist comedy in the realm of “Sorry To Bother You” and “Being John Malkovich” that follows David, a Black idealistic artist, who reunites with his former college art collective turned quirky successful Hollywood moguls years after they become rich and famous from stealing David’s content. The story serves as a parody to Hollywood’s money-hungry Marvel obsession and is an allegory for cultural appropriation.

I’m looking for a producer to basically be my ride or die on this project and hopefully future projects, if this goes well. I don’t really mind if you’ve never even produced something, just as long as you’re dedicated to the process and ready to go. I know I can do it alone, since I got away with it for my last two shorts, but the best part about filmmaking IS the collaboration factor. I already have the cast and crew and first week of production ready to go. We begin shooting on Nov 15 in Lake George, NY. You won’t need to be there, but you’re more than welcome to join.

So, I’d love to know someone that I can shoot ideas back and forth with in terms of budgeting, crowdfunding, scheduling, dealing with SAG contracts, and the hardest part, the film festival circuit. The festival circuit is a racket, unless you have the connections, so I’m going to need help building a network in order to get the reach the movie could deserve.

Anyway, if you’ve made it this far into my jargon, then you’re probably interested. Obviously, there will be deferred pay. I usually get funding as I go, so we can negotiate a half now/half later thing. Whatever the amount is something we can negotiate.


I need a producer for a surrealist comedy making fun of Hollywood and is an allegory for cultural appropriation. Shoot begins Nov 15. Need help with funding, SAG contracts, and film festivals. Deferred Pay.

Want to know more, here is the LookBook.