“SUBS” A TV sitcom about what else…substitute teachers, which is sure to be hilarious! Production is looking to cast some very talented actors with excellent comedic timing and improv skills, so if this is you, then by all means submit to be considered, otherwise, please don’t waste our time. Talent needed for the pilot is as follows:

Nick; Late twenties, open to any ethnicity.

Dave; Late twenties, open to any ethnicity.

Jasmine; Late twenties, attractive caucasian.

Booker; Early thirties, slightly overweight, open to any ethnicity.

Delivery Driver; Supporting, any ethnicity, twenties to thirties.

All talent must submit a current headshot, resume, and a reel to be considered to the following; visionssoar@gmail.com and put the name of the character in the subject line that you are auditioning for. We look forward to receiving the best submissions!

Nick, Dave, Jasmine, and Booker