We are filming an instructional video for a Go-Kart race track.

Date: Febuary 19th OR 21st. (You only need to be available for one day or the other, let us know which one works for you.)
Location: Horsham PA
Time: 8:30am – 12:30pm – 4 hours
Pay: $200

Looking for an actress to explain safety instructions at a Go-Kart Race track.

Actress will be seen on screen delivering lines from the script, and demonstrating proper go-kart procedures.
We will also record the script as a voice over.
Should be comfortable memorizing technical lines and driving a Go-Kart.

Age range 20-35

To apply:
please submit two photos, A head shot and a full body shot, and a video clip of you introducing your self and reading the following section from the script.

“Our karts are set up just like your car at home. The accelerator is on the right, and the brake is on the left. Remember, never touch both pedals at the same time. If you push both pedals the kart will stop immediately. If this happens remove both feet completely from the pedals and press down on the accelerator.”