When Terry Jones, a creep golf caddy, finds out he is in the last will of the wealthiest man in town, Dick Frascone, he plans to kill him to get the money now. A grouchy detective, Derek Ford, gets caught up in the mix only to find out everyone is against him. He’s alone in this fight and he won’t stop until the case is solved.

Genre: Drama

Shooting Dates: April 2nd, 3rd, 9th, 10th, 16th, 17th

Character Descriptions:
Dick Frascone:
Dick Frascone is the owner of the Silver Spring country club. He is very wealthy, very narcissistic and generally a stuck-up douche bag to everyone. He is in his 30’s-60s but preferably older. He is also the head of a thieves gang in town who has been going to every house and business robbing them and wrecking their places. He is paying off all of the cops in the county except Derek to not pursue this case. Dick’s favorite caddy is Terry yet he still treats me like shit. Dick’s excuse is that he needs discipline to be a better person. Dick also has no one really important left in his life so that is why he puts Terry in his will.

Derek Ford:
Derek Ford is the detective of the Silver Spring County PD. He is in his 20s-30’s and is a very grouchy person who is easily agitated when people hinder him from getting his work done. Since he is so dedicated to his job everyone gets under his skin, even those with higher authority than him.