We’re looking for any aspiring Make Up Artists and Wardrobe/Costume Designers to join our crew. We just finished a short film about a guy trying to break out of the friend zone, and next is a film about three sweaty dirty men who meet a creek in the woods, one has a bloody gun, and another finds a shovel that demonically possesses whoever holds it. It should be a blast! We do most of our filming in and around the Pottstown area, and we’re looking to shoot that film the month of June. Also we have other films lined up to do and later down the line a WWII feature about paratroopers on D-Day that we absolutely need a Wardrobe/Costumer for, to do uniforms and a Make Up person for making people look dirty, apply wounds, and apply Make Up to the women much like in the 40s. If you enjoy researching things like this and figuring out how things are done, you’re exactly what we need. Also we’re primarily looking for people we can jive super well with, to keep working with for the long haul, and keep improving with. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in definitely reach out. Our email is nonproffittfilms@gmail.com. We look forward to hearing from you.