We are looking to fill the following roles for a thesis film titled “The ROAR”.

14 to 17 years old, Black male.
Bugg is an adolescent caught between the lure of staying a kid and trying to fit in with the neighborhood “cool” kids. He has an unimpeachable baby face. He has potential for great things but is ridiculed by others for having an interest in science. He’s conflicted with what path to choose. He mimics the slick talk of Ross but his curiosity for learning is apparent.

21 to 24 years old, Black male.
Ross is a slick talking, good looking guy.. The younger kids in the neighborhood look up to him and so do some of the adults. He’s out to create an army of misfits.

17 to 20 years old, Black Males. ( Two extra roles needed to fill).
If “young and up to no good” had a face, that’s what we’d need you to convey in these roles with your look. These teens are the backup accomplices or “flunkies” to “Ross”, the oldest teen out the group who is the ringleader. These teens go around getting into trouble and doing the opposite of what’s right, with the only guidance being from Ross whom they’re mislead into following after.

Mother & daughter Duo:
Child, 8 to 11 years old, Black Females.
She’ll be on a nearby porch playing with dolls, while mom is sitting close by talking on the phone.

Please be willing to meet and audition via Zoom for speaking roles, and for the producer to get a feel for you and your ability to fit the roles as needed.

**Shooting Dates; May 13th-15th
**$50 Per Day
Extras will probably only be needed for 1 day of shooting.