Looking for 2 performers for student short film “LIMINAL”

Looking for 1 actor to play the following:
– DAVID, 18-25 Male, Any Race/Ethnicity. A young man in the midst of a personal crisis. Extremely tired, feels at the end of his rope. Impressionable, but with a solid subconscious moral standard. Clinically depressed, but currently untreated.

– COPY, 18-25 Male, Any Race/Ethnicity. A copy of David who embodies the polar opposite of his personality. Cool, collected, on top of life. Seems like he knows everything and has all the answers. Highly manipulative. Exists only to make things difficult, and is perfectly content with that.

Looking for 1 Actor to play the following:
SERVER, 17-30, Any Gender, Any Race/Ethnicity. An underpaid server that has had far too long a shift. Wants to leave ASAP, but knows they have to keep up the BARE MINIMUM of professionalism. Exhausted, but will step in to help someone if its not too much of a hassle.

SHOOTING 11/12-11/14

Contact SPENSER SPRATLIN for script pages to submit an audition tape.