Way Film is hiring! We’re looking for an experienced line producer or similar to calculate a budget for our low budget theatrical film, THE PILLOW SNAKE, which we hope to shoot in May or June of 2022 at the earliest.

Way Film is run by Philadelphia native Matthew Way. Our headquarters is in Berlin, Germany, where we’ve created, among other things, the feature THE GENITAL WARRIORS or the music video starring Matthew as Yóbaby, DON’T TOUCH THE 3RD RAIL.

We’re looking for someone to calculate our approximately 130 minute/page Final Draft Script in Movie Magic. Because Matthew has been working abroad for over a decade, we’re looking for staff back where THE PILLOW SNAKE is to be shot, both in and around Philadelphia and South Jersey. We need someone versed in the typical prices and production methods in these locations.

For this job, we’re offering 5,000 dollars.

We’re interested in continuing the cooperation in follow-up tasks such as creating a finance plan and ultimately executing the shoot itself.

Please feel free to write directly to Matthew via e-mail to mw at wayfilm.com

The initial job of calculating the film’s budget could begin immediately and should be completed in February, 2022.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you and wish you happy holidays!