So our new Slender Man web series is nearing completion of it’s first season and we’re looking to introduce new characters. This web series is unlike any other Slender Man based media as it mixes in the legendary works of horror master H.P. Lovecraft as well as introducing elements of the terrifying legend of the Mothman. The story thus far is that Chris, our main protagonist, has been terrorized and stalked by two otherworldy and demonic like entities, namely The Slender Man and a creature known as The Grinning Man, who also seem to be at odds with each other. Chris is struggling to hold onto his sanity as he delves deep into a nightmarish rabbit hole. He will learn the true meaning of fear as he slowly begins to uncover a vast conspiracy of cosmic gods, supernatural evil and ancient knowledge. We are looking to introduce a new female protagonist named Cassie, who will act as a companion and moral compass to the main character Chris. They will form a Mulder and Scully type bond over the course of the remaining season, becoming close allies. All interested parties please send at least two headshots and if we feel you could fit the role, we’ll contact you with further instructions on submitting a video audition. Filming will take place primarily in the southern NJ. A link to the actual web series has been posted below for reference, we hope to hear from you.

Christopher Sigma

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