Attention local actors! We are seeking one male actor for a horror film shooting this fall in South Jersey.

While this is a non-paying gig, we can offer toll reimbursement, on-set meals and IMDb credit for your work. We will have crafty and lots of positive attitudes with creative people.

Here is the IMDb page of the project:

Here is the IMDb page of the Writer/Director:

Please view the breakdown for the role of Rodney, and respond with headshots, resumes, reels, IMDb pages, etc.:

RODNEY – 20s – A detached burnout, but has a spark of thoughtfulness to connect the dots. Rodney possesses an intellect that belies his education. Rodney is cool, smart, and can hatch a plan, but he falls short on implementing it. His motivation is not to be bothered, but he knows what to do in a pinch. He’s lazy, but he’s no idiot. Rodney is the Mario to Mitch’s Luigi (or maybe vice-versa), and they complement each other’s characters well. Rodney can figure things out, and Mitch can put thoughts into action.