Who We Are:
BoatHouse Pictures
is Philly’s boutique film and television production company. For almost a decade, BHP has been solely focused on growing the film industry in the City of Brotherly Love; providing production services for clients — including top names like NBC-Universal, ABC television, and more — and producing high quality originals.

Our Project:
(dark comedy/drama) is a pilot and original story about one man’s battle with cancer, how it affects the ones closest to him and how he is able to cope with the help of his “super-powered” best friend.

Job Description:
The production is looking for an Intimacy Coordinator to ensure the safety of the actors and everyone involved with this project.

The intimacy coordinator is expected to work closely with producers, directorial team, and talent to identify and perfect optimal performance techniques; Must be comfortable advocating for cast and crew in regards to sensitivity and inclusion. Implement safety protocols and enforce guidelines ensuring the safety of all actors involved in this project.

Please include your resume and a brief cover letter.