Project Synopsis: A 34-year-old multi-platinum RnB singer who just got exposed cheating on his girlfriend in the midst of his promotion tour for his new comeback album. While attempting to show his fans a new mature and faithful man persona, he’s struggling with his old bad boy ways holding him back.

Looking For:

1. Black Male Lead aged 30-35
Tall and fit, mysterious, sex appeal

2. Black Female Lead aged 30-35
Light skin, outgoing, and witty

3. Black Male Child Lead aged 10-12
Cool, all around good kid

4. Black Female Child Lead aged 10-12
Light skin, outgoing, and witty

5. Black Male Character aged 55-60
Father: Friendly, Wise

6. Black Female Character aged 55-60
Mother: Friendly, Loving

7. Black Female Character aged 30-35
Girlfriend: Assertive, Conniving, Stylish

8. Black Male Character aged 30-35
Manager/Friend: Chubby, Explosive, Ambitious

9. Black Male Character aged 30-35
Best Friend: Loyal, Ladies’ Man, Free Spirit

10. Cambodian Male Character age 30-25
Best Friend: Loyal, Forgiving

11. Black Male Child Character aged 10-12
Associate: Chubby, Explosive, Ambitious

12. Black Male Child Character aged 10-12
Best Friend: Loyal, Fun

13. Cambodian Male Child Character aged 10-12
Best Friend: Loyal, Cool, A Little Nerdy

14. Assistant
Black, male, average height

Hispanic, male, average height

16. Blogger
Light skin, male, electric

17.Braxton McCall
Black, male, tall

18.Businessman #1
Muscular, avergae height

19.Concert Host
Black, female, short

20.Director Bruce
White, male, round

21. DJ
Black, male, average height

22. Gossip Girl
Black, female, slim, eccentric

23. Gossip Guy
Hispanic, male, muscles,

24. Intern #1
black, male, average height

25. Jamie
white, male, tall

26. Jason Lee
white, male, tall

27.Jordan Holmes
black, female, dancer built

28. Matt
white, male, average

29. Morning Show Host
Black, male, slim

30. Open Mic Host
white, male, average

31.Paparazzi 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5
Diverse, Variety built

32. Rell
Hispanic, male

33. Sarah
White, female, average height

34. School Host
Black, female

35. Steve
White, 35-40 years old, slim built

36.Studio Director
white, female, average height

37.Teacher #1
black, female, average height