This upcoming spring/ summer, my team and I are creating tons of content for YouTube, Social Media and Streaming sites.

Currently, we are looking for a 2-3 person team that is able to carryout the following:
– Lighting
– Sound Mixing
– Cinematography

We have two projects that will span several weeks already planned and possibly more. Your team will be working 1-2 days a week and will be notified AT LEAST two weeks before shooting days. A perfect opportunity, if you are in school or working part-time.

We are looking for a team BUT if you are solo, please send in your work, we might put the pieces together ourselves.

Requirements and Expectations
We prefer if you have your own equipment, if not, still send in your reel and/or portfolio. Lack of equipment isn’t a problem, we still might be able to work with you. Currently, we have two BMPCCs. We don’t have audio or lighting equipment at the moment, but if your work is good enough, we will invest in some quality equipment.

Please let us know in the email if you have your own equipment.

Punctuality, attention to detail and no ego. We are a laid back and fun company. We want to keep the atmosphere as such.

We are offering THE TEAM a day rate of $500. We prefer to find a two person team that can handle lights, camera and audio. Financially, it’ll be best to split the money 2-ways instead of 3. Additionally, a day to us is 10 working hours(includes 2 hours for set up and take down) and a 1 hour break. Company moves are included in the working day. $30 (for the team) if production goes overtime.

Additionally, we are offering quality food on set.

If what you’ve read piques your interest, please email your reels, resume, portfolio and/or anything you feel fit. We will be contacting people in late December.

Thank you