During the next 6 months, my production company will be ramping up on the content. We are currently accepting applicants for a videographer but we forgot to place an ad for the most important people… lighting and sound*.

*don’t tell the camera(wo)men we said that.

We are an indie group and unfortunately we can’t offer the big bucks that you deserve. What we can offer is $20 an hour and quick payment. The day you work is the day you get paid. Also, food and refreshments will be provided.

We’ve received many great submissions from talented cinematographers but one thing many people are missing (including my own past work) is lighting. Because of that, we are looking for a dedicated gaffer. While the cameras are rolling, we would love for that person to hold the boom mic.

Do you need your own lighting equipment? Preferably yes but if your work is good and you can help us find the proper equipment, we don’t mind renting or purchasing equipment.

Please send reel and/or examples of your lighting work. If you have sound examples, please send as well. Look forward to hearing from you!