Green Tater Productions,LLC is looking to fill the Lead Role of Ricky in our upcoming Feature Film, The Final Level. Production will shoot, spread out, of the course of a year. Payment will be designated in a contract and paid at the conclusion of the project. Shooting for Ricky will begin in September.

The film THE FINAL LEVEL is a comedy. We are looking for someone with strong comedic timing.

Ricky is the comedian of the family. He’s got the energy and wit of a stand up comic. He’s a storyteller. He tells the craziest stories you’ve ever heard…probably because they are only half true. Ricky is fun loving, easy going, and pumped up. Everyone likes him up until the moment he punches them in face. Ricky covers his emotions and feelings by drinking and punching them away. Ricky is always drunk. Please do not worry about playing into this too much as Ricky is the happy drunk no one knows is wasted.

Please send a head-shot/resume/reel to We will then send applicants sides from the script to record.

Thank you and we look forward to your submissions.