Him is a short film that follows Chris, a young Catholic man who is visited by a highschool friend he calls Romeo. As the visit progresses, Chris discovers that he has romantic feelings for his friend, and must come to terms with what that means and how he defines himself.

We are looking for actors to portray Chris, Romeo, and Mary.

Chris (male, early 20’s) – A kind, religious young man who always tries to do the best for people. He’s lived in denial for years, afraid of what it might mean if he accepts who he truly is.

Romeo (male, early 20’s) – Romeo has only recently realized that he is gay, and isn’t totally comfortable with the idea yet. He hasn’t told Chris for fear of rejection.

Mary (Female, early 20’s) – Mary is the kind of person to light up a room simply by entering it. She sacrifices, often more than she can handle, so that people can be happy. She is Chris’s rock, both in religious life and daily life.