Looking to begin casting for a sizzle reel that’s being shot in July, for a script that’s currently being shopped in LA to be picked up. The story centers around a young man who gets gets sucked into a world of corrupt politics, human trafficking and organ harvesting via a modeling contract after running away from home. I’m looking to create a diverse cast for the various roles that are available.

Kaylor- A highschool student. With model like looks. Looking for a black male to fill this role.

DeAnthony- This character is a black male with supermodel looks. Someone who appears to be 22-25.

Alvester Billington- A middle aged white man who will be playing a politician. Ages ranging from 50-65 year old Caucasian male.

Marcel- An exotic appearing male 30-35. Who will be playing the role of a very successful model agent.

I’m also looking to fill the positions of two secondary characters

Dr. Crawford- An asian doctor 40-45

Journalist- A black female who will be playing an investigative journalist 25-30

Filming will take place over 2-3 days and compensation will be available for all actors involved. There’s currently a tight budget. So rates are negotiable and will be discussed. Please send me your auditioning tapes to wakefilmproduction@gmail.com . I look forward to hearing from you.