Hey I’m an NYU alum whose starting a comedy podcast in mid to late February. I need a very simple costume design for all five members who will be associated and on film for the podcast ie. me and my cohost, two sound engineers and a guest. There will be two versions of the outfit. I don’t want to go into specifics on this page because its a pretty gnarly idea but the point is that i’m looking for at least 8-10 outfits to be made. One thing to consider off the bat is that these outfits are not intricate by any means, in fact i truly believe that each outfit could be made in 2-3 hours tops. Its more to the tune of a creative mom creating a fun halloween costume for their child rather than a “professional” creating an intricate design for a Broadway performance- so no pressure at all! lets have fun, and of course you will be paid quite well for each design, i already have google images of ideas i want- i just need a killer who can take what they see and make it happen.

If you or anyone you know has a talent in this particular art form please send them my way, thank you so much for taking time to read my post. Please email me at sirtajpatheja@gmail.com

Happy New Year!