We are casting actors between the ages of 18-23 for our short film College. Description of the roles are below. You must submit your resume, headshot photo and a reel or good quality video with a scene scenario of your choice showing your acting to be considered for a role. If you are chosen for a role you will be contacted. Filming will take place in PG County Maryland.

Javon (20 yrs old, African-American) – A fresh new college school student who trying to have a better school experience than he had in high school.

Tyler (19 yrs old, African-American) – Javon’s high school friend who has the same mindset goal with Javon when they entered college together.

Tee (18 yrs old, African-American) – A Good-looking female who has eyes For Tyler.

Bree (20 yrs old, African-American) – A shy mature female who is best friend with Tee.

Brent (23 yrs old, African-American) – A 6’0 college party promoter that becomes cool with Javon.

Black (21 yrs old, African-American) – A off the radar guy that cool with Javon & Tyler.

Brittany (23 yrs old, African-American) – Ebony’s friend

Ebony (23 yrs old, African-American) – Brittany’s friend

include the following information in the body of the email:

• Full Name
• Role Applying For
• Age
• Union or Non-Union
• Location
• Email Address
• Cell Phone #
• Ability to Travel if not from the area (Note: You must provide your own lodging and transportation)

Submissions must be submitted by March 1, 2019. Please submit to rcwalston@outlook.com and put “College submission” in your subject line. If you are chosen for a role you will be contacted.