Director of Photography needed for Temple MFA thesis shoot.
The project has free access to all of Temple’s cameras and equipment.
Should be able to think outside of the box and possess an experiential spirit.
should be able to work effectively with and lead a small camera and lighting team.
The camera has its own progression and “arc” in the film. Computer screens, windows, reflections, low light, and a dietetic camera are all big parts of the project.
Working with the director to find strategies to shoot and maneuver around these is key.
Location pictures, camera tests, script, visual reference pics, and extensive descriptions of aesthetic strategy are available upon request.
The shoot will be in early/mid-July.

Rear Window is an 18-minute experimental narrative. It follows TJ, a young filmmaker who develops an obsession with a window across from his room during the lockdown, occasionally filming it, with the hopes of making an experimental film. One day, he stumbles upon what appears to be the same exact window in another film, where it’s used as a transition shot. In trying to uncover the mystery, TJ is faced with bigger philosophical questions about the nature of images.