Casting for “OURIKA!”, a short film about two elder sister scientists attempting to free a young girl’s soul and bring her back from the dead. This film is being produced as a part of the Blackstar Philadelphia Filmmakers Lab.

This is a paid production. Meals will be provided.

Synopsis: OURIKA is a girl who’s been dead for over 200 years. One day, her soul is awoken inside a dark, endless void where she wanders and encounters ghosts from her previous life. Ourika is unaware that two sister scientists, Velinda and Ronnell, have been working for decades in hopes that they can bring her back to life.

OURIKA – African American Female (Lead), 16-23
A lost soul wandering through a void, detached from the physical world, seeks to find herself after coming back from the dead. Ourika is fiery, youthful, smart, and very skeptical about the encounters she has in the void.
Actor with the ability to speak with a french accent is preferred but not required.

RONNELL – African American  Female (Lead), 50-70
After many failed attempts at experimenting with reanimating Ourika’s soul, she is determined to succeed this time. Ronnell is a time traveling scientific sage who is super naturally intelligent and the analytical half of this sister scientist duo. Her cerebral connection powers their experiment, leading to unity of the three.

VELINDA – African American Female (Lead), 50-70
Skills: Singing // Dancing
Her cosmic connection to Ourika’s soul and a longing to understand where she and her sister come from leads to her discovery of the final piece needed for reanimation. Velinda is a time traveling spiritual enchantress who is effervescent, fun, artistic and the intuitive half of the sister scientist duo. Her soul connection with the pieces of Ourika leads to the unity of the three…

DORIS – African American Female (Background), 50-70
Antique shop owner who is simple, mundane, obtuse, and a little fake.
Actor with the ability to speak with a French accent or speaks French is heavily preferred but not required.

HORDE/HANDS (Extras), 20-30
8 Extras required to represent an anonymous horde that exists within the void. Two selections will be assigned as hand dancers as well. Extras with experience in dance are preferred.