Now casting actors for my award winning comedy short film “Delusions of a Fame Whore”. Filming will take place in Philadelphia. All actors must be comfortable playing gay characters, and some roles require engaging in intimate same sex scenes. All roles are paid (lead roles pay is $100, supporting roles pay is $60).

Locklyn (Lead, any race, college aged, male, preppy, masculine, jock)
Locklyn is the closeted gay boyfriend of the protagonist. He’s the stereotypical douchey, preppy, bro. He’s uncomfortable with the lengths his boyfriend is willing to go for a taste of fame, and wants nothing to do with his actions. Actor must be comfortable portraying a gay character and engaging in intimate same sex scenes.

Hector (Supporting, non-white, college aged, male, nerdy, average build)
Hector is the best friend of the protagonist. He’s rational, clam, level headed, and the total oppostie of his best friend. He’s nerdy and has an average build.

Nico (Supporting, any race, college aged, male, slender twink, flamboyant)
Nico is the rival of the protagonist. He’s sassy, flamboyant, and a twink. Actor must be comfortable playing a gay character, and engaging in a simulated same sex scene.

Please email your headshots, resumes, reels, and bios.