Logline-A girl who alienates herself from her friends to spend time with her boyfriend, girl faces an ugly reality both in her relationship and the mirror

Olivia-Olivia is an 18 year old girl with a polished glam look. Appearances are very important (in this society as a whole) to Olivia. She is naturally  beautiful, but also wears eyeshadow with every outfit (usually light purples, pinks etc.) She is materialistic. She loves her friends dearly, but can get carried away at times without noticing. Mickey is her first boyfriend and the first person she ever loved so she is excited to be around him all the time! Olivia is very romantic and doing “cute” things like sharing milkshakes or holding hands in public.

Mickey-Mickey is a incredibly handsome and tall 19 old boy with long hair and a sleek sense of style. He dresses like a bad boy (and he knows it) complete with leather/jean jackets. Mickey is aggressive and childishly playful. Mickey has dated other people before Olivia, but really cares about it. His love languages are physical touch and quality time. He feels his emotions intensely until they burn out. He is temperamental.  He can be sweet, but is a jerk when he trying to get his point across. Mickey is also very defensive.

Celeste-Celeste is an 18 year old girl who is confident without being conceited and tough without being aggressive. She is loyal and protective of her friends especially the hypersensitive Blondie. She has the best fashion sense of the trio and wears all of her clothes boldly (as if she is making a fashion statement but not trying to be flashy about it).

Blondie-Blondie is a sweet 18 year old  girl with colorful hair and a shy demeanor. She is fiercely loyal to her friends and is considered the “mom friend” of the trio. She is sensitive, emotional and eccentric (often wearing gels on her face and weird makeup styles, hair clips). Blondie is very intuitive and always knows when to comfort her friends.

Dora-Dora is carefree and loves to have fun- she has a cool laid back sense of style (street style type clothes; neutral colors), Dora is very close with her friends, she spends most of her time with them and dates casually. Her love languages (in a serious relationship) is quality time and words of affirmation. She is funny and loves social media (especially snapchat and Finstagram), low tolerance for drama, moves on easily.

Our filming dates are January 26-27 and February 2nd & 3rd
People of color preferred
If interested email your resume and headshot to Director/Writer/Producer Maya Sims at mayasimsfilms@yahoo.com